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Manufacturer Instrument
Models Torch
Agilent® MP-AES 4100,4200 MP-AES Radial
Agilent® ICP-OES 5100,5110,5800,5900  
Agilent® ICP-OES Vista, 700 Series Axial Axial
Agilent® ICP-OES Vista, 700 Series Radial Radial
Agilent® ICP-MS 7700,8800  
Agilent® ICP-MS 7900  
Agilent® ICP-MS 7800,7850  
Agilent® ICP-MS 8900  
Analytik Jena ICP-MS PlasmaQuant MS Series  
Analytik Jena ICP-OES PQ9X00 Series  
GBC Scientific ICP-OES Integra XL, XM, XM2, XP, XMP Radial
Hitachi (SII) ICP-OES/MS SPS Series Radial
Horiba ICP-OES 24, 38 & 138 Series, Ultima, Activa Radial
Nu Instruments ICP-MS Nu Plasma  
Nu Instruments TOF-ICP-MS Vitesse  
PerkinElmer® ICP-OES Avio 200, 500 Series  
PerkinElmer® ICP-MS NexION 1000, 1100, 2000  
PerkinElmer® ICP-MS NexION 300, 350  
PerkinElmer® ICP-MS NexION 2200, 5000  
PerkinElmer® ICP-OES Optima 2000,4000,5000,7000 DV Series Axial
PerkinElmer® ICP-OES Optima 4300V, 5300V, 7300V Radial
PerkinElmer® ICP-OES Optima 8x00 Series  
Shimadzu ICP-OES 7000, 8000, 9000, 9800 Series  
Shimadzu ICP-MS ICPM-8500, ICPMS-2030  
Shimadzu ICP-MS ICPMS-2040, 2050  
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES ARCOSII EOP Axial
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES ARCOSII SOP Radial
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS EOP Axial
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES Modula, CIROS, Genesis, ARCOS SOP Radial
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES Spectro Blue EOP/ TI & Green TI Axial
Spectro (Ametek) ICP-OES Spectro Blue SOP & Green SOP/DSOI Radial
Standard BioTools (Fluidigm) TOF-ICP-MS Mass Cytometer  
Teledyne Leeman ICP-OES Leeman Series Axial,DV, Prodigy, Profile Axial
Teledyne Leeman ICP-OES Leeman Series Radial, Prodigy, Profile Radial
Thermo ICP-OES 6000/7000 Duo Axial
Thermo ICP-OES 6000/7000 Radial Radial
Thermo ICP-MS Element 1, Element 2, Neptune  
Thermo ICP-MS Q,RQ,TQ  
Thermo MC-ICP-MS Neoma  
Thermo ICP-OES PRO DUO Radial/Axial
Thermo ICP-OES PRO Radial Radial
Thermo ICP-MS X Series  

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