Customer Support

Le siège social de Glass Expansion et le laboratoire ICP (photo)

Glass Expansion a acquis une réputation enviable pour son excellent support clientèle au cours des 20 dernières années. Ses fondateurs et son personnel ne croient pas aux compromis en ce qui concerne la qualité des produits ou le service clientèle. Des milliers de laboratoires d'analyse dans toutes les régions du monde utilisent les produits de Glass Expansion dans leurs opérations quotidiennes avec les équipements ICP-OES et ICP-MS. Nos produits sont également utilisés par tous les grands fabricants d’équipements ICP-OES et ICP-MS. Nous sommes parfaitement conscients de la frustration et des coûts générés si une analyse d'échantillon doit être réitérée en raison d'un système d'introduction de l'échantillon peu fiable. Nous disposons de quatre spectromètres ICP (modèles MS et OES) dans notre propre laboratoire ICP pour faciliter le contrôle qualité et le développement de produits. Notre équipe possède une très grande expérience des ICP et sera ravie de vous conseiller sur la meilleure procédure et le meilleur système d'introduction de l'échantillon à adopter pour votre application. Notre équipe de support clientèle se compose de:

Dr Ryan Brennan CEO, Glass Expansion Inc., USA. Ryan runs our USA office, which supports Glass Expansion customers throughout North and South America. He has a PhD in analytical chemistry from The George Washington University and has previously worked at the Analytical Chemistry Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Email Ryan on

Yoshi Yamano Marketing Manager, Asia/Pacific. Yoshi has an engineering background and brings a high level of technical expertise to his customer support role. Prior to joining Glass Expansion, he worked with Shimadzu ® in Japan and Australia. Email Yoshi on

Brian Boyd Product Manager - ICP. Brian started his career as an Applications Chemist with Varian and further developed his ICP expertise through 10 years working in environmental, metals and minerals laboratories in Australia, UK and Canada. Email Brian on

Justin Masone Sales Manager, Glass Expansion, Inc., USA. Prior to joining Glass Expansion, Justin worked as a Technical Sales Representative for Microwave Digestion at Anton Paar, as well as a Senior Product Specialist in the Elemental Spectroscopy group at Shimadzu ®. Justin received his bachelorís degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University. Justin has 11 years experience in ICP spectroscopy. Email Justin on

Terrance Hettipathirana Applications Chemist/ ICP Specialist. Terrance has a PhD in analytical atomic spectroscopy from University of British Columbia and has previously worked at Australian Laboratory Services (ALS) as Senior ICP-MS Chemist, Metals Team Leader, and at Agilent Technologies® as Senior Research Scientist. Email Terrance on

Randy Mercurio ICP Technical Specialist, Glass Expansion, Inc., USA. Randy obtained his bachelorís degree in biology from New York University. While pursuing his interests in the natural world in Florida he became fascinated with trace metals analysis and spent the majority of his career as an environmental chemist. Randy began learning spectroscopy using FAA, CVAA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS by analyzing various environmental matrices. Before joining Glass Expansion,†he worked at Eastern Research Group, Inc. for more than 13 years where he specialized in the analysis of air samples using ICP-MS. Email Randy on

Jean Zhao ICP Product Specialist. Jean works in the R&D laboratory out of our Asia Pacific office, providing technical and application support to our Sales and Marketing teams. Jean has over 16 years hands on experience working with ICPís in both New Zealand and in Australia across the food, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical application fields. Email Jean on

Maja Budanovic ICP Product Specialist, is based in our European office, focused on delivering technical expertise and assistance tailored to your analytical requirements. Maja has over 8 years of combined industrial and research experience in Analytical and Physical Chemistry, and holds a Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has co-authored 13 peer-reviewed scientific publications and has previously worked at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Regional Application Specialist, supporting various trace elemental analysis applications. Email Maja on